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Apothecary 87 
The Story by Sam Martin



As I was starting out on this new venture (and still thinking of a name), my Grandad passed away from Prostate Cancer. It was at the end of September ’13, and I decided to honour this great man’s memory. I would use something of his in the name. He was 87 when he died and as I was born in ’87, I decided it was a sign that it should be a part of the name. With my love of all things vintage and because I was mixing my own beard tonic, I named it Apothecary 87.


I also wanted to do something to help fight the horrible illness which affects so many men and which my Grandad had so valiantly fought. So I created a moustache wax and supported Movember. We have continued to research other ways our company can support men's health.

My name's Sam W Martin. In 2013, I started Apothecary 87. The following is my story, about how Apothecary 87 came to be.


I spent most of my 20's working at the top of my industry as a mixologist & bar consultant. I had a CV far beyond my years. However when I started my own company in the bar industry, I found it very hard to be taken seriously, as I looked too young; at this point I decided to grow a beard. I soon found that not only did people take me more seriously, but they remembered me! This was excellent marketing and branding for me, so I decided to keep it.


After a while I realised my beard needed looking after and conditioning, so I spent many moons researching the best ingredients to make a beard oil that was all my own. Having tried many brands out there, I found a lot of them to be too feminine; being a man, I decided my beard oil should smell like a man’s beard oil!


The Yarmouth Barbers and Connoisseurs sell a wide range of Apothecary 87  products from shampoo to shaving cream. Pop into the shop to see our range. 

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